Angela is a hard-working professional model who became world-renowned as a body painting artist ( Her 8 years of modeling experience includes print, runway, music videos, film productions, TV, stage, underwater, body art, figure drawing classes, portrait painting classes, public art performances, live fetish demonstrations, and photography workshops. Her modeling capabilities are enhanced by her acting talents with some speaking role experience in film and television. With a strong track and field history, her uncommon athletic prowess shows in her artistically creative poses. From major productions to student art projects, Angela’s heart and work ethic are committed to your objective.

Above: Photo by Cajunpix.
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Miami, FL
Sept. 14th - 19th

Dallas, TX: (Almost Fully Booked)
Sept. 25th - 29th

Portland, Oregon
October 8th-10th

Greensboro, NC: (Almost Fully Booked)
Oct. 13th - 15th

Jonesborough, TN: (Almost Fully Booked)
Oct. 16th - 18th

Gaithersburg, MD: (Almost Fully Booked)
Oct. 24th - 30th

New York City:
..Oct. 25th - 27th..

Nov. 2nd - 16th

San Antonio, TX (Fully Booked)
Nov. 17th - 19th

Nov 21st - Dec...

ATL + Los Angeles (TBA) Visiting in November*

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