Angela is a hard-working professional model who became world-renowned as a body painting artist ( Her 10 years of modeling experience includes print, runway, music videos, film productions, TV, stage, underwater, body art, figure drawing classes, portrait painting classes, public art performances, live fetish demonstrations, and photography workshops. Her modeling capabilities are enhanced by her acting talents with some speaking role experience in film and television. With a strong track and field history, her uncommon athletic prowess shows in her artistically creative poses. From major productions to student art projects, Angela’s heart and work ethic are committed to your objective. 
Above: Photographer Lee Lenahan                                                                                            Photographer by Cully Firmin
“I am battling to be myself in a world that imposes compliance. I’m not always good with words, but I can draw and paint anytime. A universal language with no vocabulary limit. ” 
-Angela Rene Roberts: Read More at Formidable Woman Magazine
"Sure I am of this, that you only have to endure to conquer."-Winston Churchill (pastel on paper, head study from life for Blue Easel Club Drawing Atelier
Drawing by Carol Peebles 
Photo by Cully Firmin

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